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8 April 2014           Reblog    

I’m proud to be too weird to be understood by the vast majority of people. Mostly my brother gets it. Other than that… Nah. Not so much.

- Alli Trippy

Happy Birthday Charles Trippy! :D

FUCK!!! I’m really going to miss Scooter, “/ <3 

FUCK!!! I’m really going to miss Scooter, “/ <3 

19 May 2012 ♥ 65 notes           Reblog    

So on Monday I took the train to Stockholm to meet up with a friend and then head over to Tyrol to start camping for the We The Kings & Simple Plan concert the next day. So as were sitting there in the middle of the night this guy walks up to us and asks if we were waiting for the SP & WTK concert and ofc we said yes and he was so impressed that we were willing to stay there for 24 hours to see our favorit bands. And then he tells us that he’s actually working for Simple Plan doing photo and video things for them, so he ask us if it was okey if he went and grabbed his camera so he could take some pics and film us and then show it to the guys and ofc we said YES!! :D So he stayed awhile took some pics and just talk and he was really really nice and super cute ^^ And then the morning came and during that day I saw all the guys from We The King including Scooter, Yoshi and JJ.

Then it was time for the show and I was so excited to finally see them live (Mostly We The Kings but I was super excited to see Simple Plan to) And the concert was like magic, it was pure perfection from the start to the end. And after the show I said to myself that I wouldn’t leave the venue until I hade at least one autograph from one of the guys from We The Kings and when I came out there they were, Charles Trippy, Travis Clark and Danny Duncan. So I got hugs and autographs from Charles and Danny and then Travis autograph and then when he was leaning in for the hug he kissed me on the cheek and said that he loved me :D <3 Like wow :) And oh my god he smelled so frickin’ good and now my shirt smells just like him! And I also got the list thing they tape to the floor to remember that to say, from one of the girls there that knew how much I love WTK, soo sweet of her <3

So to sum this up, the last couple of days have been without any hesitation the best days of my life! 

Only 7 more days until We The Kings &amp; Simple Plan in Stockholm! :D ♡

Only 7 more days until We The Kings & Simple Plan in Stockholm! :D